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A company’s reputation was once easy to manage. Companies could use traditional tactics or simply “steamroll” any dissenting voices. The Internet has now provided a megaphone to millions of individuals. This means that companies now need to go to greater lengths to protect their brand’s reputation, and embrace tactics that they may not be used to using. Companies who seek to maintain strong and specific brand identities should be aware of these issues and be prepared to include Reputation Management as part of their marketing plan.

ORM Value Proposition

We provide a holistic 360 degree perspective on the relevant Online Reputation and Compliance issues through the use of proprietary tools and our professional staff’s industry experience. This approach provides our clients with best in class monitoring and expedient issue resolution.

Impact on brand perception
Perception is reality. If someone does a search for your brand in Google, what will they see? Hopefully, there will be a link to your website, but what if there is a link to a site that talks about a bad experience someone had, or worse yet, what if there was a video that showed how your brand caused harm to someone?

Impact on sales
Would you buy something from a company where 5 out of 6 customer ratings blasted the company for poor customer service, lousy quality or late delivery? Probably not. You might search a little longer for a company that didn’t have such bad customer reviews. And, you might even be willing to pay a bit more if you knew the company had a solid reputation. This negative feedback can directly impact sales.

Impact on recruitment
Today’s job candidate will typically research a company online before they submit their resume. Candidates will want to understand whether the company they are about to work for treats their employees well, if there is high turnover and what the current employees think of the working conditions. Sites such as Vault ( have given employees a voice. Search has allowed this voice to be heard.

Impact on intellectual property
A substantial amount of time and cost go into securing the necessary rights to a company’s trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property. Unscrupulous businesses can leverage your brand’s equity to redirect unsuspecting customers to their business. This infringement can cause confusion amongst your customers, damage brand perception and impact revenue.

Impact on investor relations
Like prospective job-seekers, investors look to blogs and other sources of unbiased financial data to make decisions on whether to buy, hold or sell a position in a company. Since blogs and other sources of user-generated media allow for frank discussions, investors can gain additional perspective on the health of a company.

Impact on financials
When Starbucks announced the closure of certain stores throughout the United States in July 2008, activity in the blogosphere spiked. This spike in activity corresponded with a dip in the company’s stock price below $14 a share – the lowest point it reached for the entire month of July. The perception that Starbucks was in trouble spread quickly online and thus negatively impacted the company’s stock price.


Protect your brand and reputation with POWERi’s Online Reputation Management and Brand Protection Services. Contact us for your free reputation and brand audit.

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POWERi Technologies, Inc. :: An Interactive Marketing Agency
POWERi Technologies, Inc. :: An Interactive Marketing Agency
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